Packaging & Sustainability

Sustainable sourcing of produce

  • Source meat and fish only from suppliers who demonstrate high welfare standards and lower carbon footprint supply chains. Continue to create and build relationships with all suppliers who aim for sustainability and best practice standards.

Lower food miles

  • To lower our food miles, we aim to use seasonal ingredients sourced as locally as possible; growing some of our own herbs and salad leaves that feature on the menu when in season.

Plastic free pledge

  • Plastic free commitment to use biodegradable, compostable and recyclable containers, cutlery, napkins, packaging for our takeaway and steak kits.

Reduce Waste

  • Our kitchen and processes have been set up to enable minimal food waste
  • All oil waste recycled

Smarter fuel and efficiency

  • No gas appliances used, with high energy rated electric appliances for energy efficiency

Conserve energy

  • Mindfulness by all team members to only use energy as required and turn off utilities when not in use.

Keep doing all we can

  • Continuous improvement to train, update, upgrade and build on our practices as best we can.